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I had three unbelievable relaxing days in Irkutsk. I felt so comfy at Nastya’s place that I would have loved to stay! Irkutsk is a rather typical town, that’s at least my expression and so it fells all right to leave Russia now and explore new countries.

But for sure we visited also Baikal and actually this is a place to spend much more time, its amazing! Another highlight was Nastyas Datscha, even with sauna, which we had till midnight. Also it was the first time during my travel I watched a (two resp.) movies and they are so good I wanna share them with you: Match Point by Woody Allen  (based loosely on Crime and Punishment) and Everything is Illuminated by Liev Schreiber (book by Jonathan Safran Foer), about a Jew searching for his roots in Ukraine.  Especially the latter illustrates nicely how one experiences Ukraine (and same for Russia) as foreigner!!

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