has travelled Asia!!


Moscow is not really welcoming me but I arrive at 5:30 am so what to expect? Trying to find my way to my host (Julia insisted I should come by instantly) I asked some people for help but they weren’t at all interested in me. At least having learned the Cyrillic alphabet paid of. Moscow is amazing, in my view even more impressive than Peter! Starting ‘only’ with the Metro, then Kremlin and all these myriads of (orthodox) churches!! As my host has to work I spent a lot of time on my own. But in the evening she’s showing me the city: inter alia Arbat and a typical Russian restaurant where we enjoy Borscht and Pelmeni – hmm! Visiting the Bolschoi Ballet in the State Kremlin Palace is a nice way of saving the normal admission fee for Kremlin.

As nice as Moscow is, as horrible are its drivers. There is no possibility to cross any street, one has to look for a underground passage and its impossible to to biking here… so no city to live in for me! Which also gave me some difficulties are the missing house numbers. Those exists, but often only theoretically. Visiting a friend in a big block of houses it was hardly feasible to find her house (they all look the same) and not even other residents could help me… In return I had the chance to help a Russian pointing out to her where the metro is, topsy-turvy world!

Tonight I’m going to meet another couchsurfer from Moscow. Since the Baltic there is constantly other CS’ asking me whether I’m still in their town and wanna meet them. Its wonderful to get to know so many terrific people!!

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