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After two days of recreation in Savannakhet I took heart and hit road again, in the true sense of the word as I was trying to hitch again. I had to walk two kilometers to get out of the city and another eight till there was some significant space between two houses. And its too hot here for hiking! But then a car stopped and the guys were really nice but didn’t understand a word, so they were help full but not of help… But then a truck picked me up, without asking questions and the lad was really comfy even without speaking a word. He reached his destination already five minutes later but I gained not only some kilometers but primarily quite some courage!! And with all that positive energy the very next car stopped. So I enjoyed myself on the load bed of a truck and enjoyed the sun, refreshed and increased it respectively… It was great and the mates took me to two local markets, which were quite interesting to see. Again my third ride would be the very next car, a truck and this time I shared the load bed with five guys and we shared all our food, which made a real feast! Unluckily one of them had a bottle of Lao Lao and urged me to finish it with him. I arrived already lit in Pakse (ปากเช), where I met again a fellow traveller, who invited me for a beer. The next day was national holiday so there was a lot of partying going on and I awoke with a huge hangover. I had couchsurfed Ross’ hotel room and as he wanted to leave that day I decided to do so, too. We had intended two take the fairy down the Mekong, but it was really expensive so he took a bus and I walked out the city. Again I had to walk about ten kilometers till a car stopped and this very nice guy drove me straight to a bus station… Very helpful but hardly of help. But at least the bus station was in the right direction and I could be sure about the right direction as I just had to follow the road the buses to Dong Khong were taking. Shortly after I found myself picked up by a horde of locals who intended to participate in a big rowing boat race near Dong Khong and the convoy included not only a 30 meter wooden boat, but also a massive loudspeaker, a mobile kitchen and loads of people in party spirit.

Sometime we left the highway made some kilometers till we reached the Mekong, I got of and they left. Hm, but there was nothing but a very small village… which I crossed, finding a tiny fairy boat station to get to the island Muang Khong, on which Dong Khong is situated. But reaching the island there was nothing again, apparently I was in the South, while the city was in the north. So I hiked again, but then literally hitched a bus. (I had had a short conversation with the controller at the landing.) In Dong Khong there was a big (relative for the local standards) fare and I really enjoyed my stay on this island! But as the boat race was only some days later and not as promised the next day, I decided to make me on my way again. But leaving the island was not that easy. Getting there I had only paid 5,000 kip, but here in the North they asked for 20 kk, because I was alone, 10 kk if someone else is going. I refused and the boat went anyway. WTF?? I can understand its more expensive if they do the trip only because of you, but if they are going anyway? Two more boats left and I was wondering whether I’m just stubborn but then some other tourists showed up and I got my ride for 10 kk.

I found the highway to be wasted, hardly cars going, none stopping. At the landing I was offered a ride for 100 kk, ridicules! Also they said the border would close at 2 pm because it was Friday, but I was relatively sure they just wanted to put pressure on me. So I decided to just walk, it was only 30 km distance. And eventually I got some help, all three lifts were only for few kilometers but many a little makes a mickle and so I reached the border even shortly before 2 pm.

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