has travelled Asia!!


Anyway I arrived in Riga already at 5 pm. (Again my driver – meanwhile i rode a car – would ask me for the address and drop of just in front of the door!) Waiting in front of my new hosts apartment door a neighbor welcomed me and invited me even over for a cappuccino and some delicious apple pie. Ilze then welcomed me with soup and tea and afterwards showed me Riga, which is amazing. Its so neat and tiny and there are a lot of old churches, cathedrals and houses!! And from the 26th floor of the highest building of Riga one has a stunning panorama view.

My travel worked out very well so far but much more exhausting than expected. Also I feel like traveling like that for ages, even as if I would never had experienced anything else…

People here around are smiling much less but are mostly friendly anyway as soon as one gets to know them. Hitch hiking for sure sometimes is difficult but up from the point were I got a ride I made no negative experience at all (except one driver asked me for money and when I refused he was somewhat disappointed), even not sharing a common language with most people. Fortunate a lot of people here know at least some words in German. Its my bad not speaking Russian and I’m very grateful people me are welcoming me such warmly anyway!

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