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I left Berlin just the next day, heading to Warsaw. Just behind the border nice German Autobahn ends and Polish more or less ordinary road begins, interrupted by parts of wonderful Highways, which are unfortunately rather short. Therefore it took quite long, also I had stopped a truck, which dropped me off 60 km before Warsaw at 11 pm. It was damned cold and dark and I already wanted to put up my tent but decided to give it a try anyway. So I ended up on a plain street, at least there was a street light… Strangely enough I really got a ride, a young Pole who would speak¬†neither¬†English nor German nor French took me not only to Warsaw but even to a nice hostel! (I had a Couch but it was just to late to disturb my host as she had to work the next day.) And I felt like after having be traveling so long a hostel would be perfect to come down. Actually it was only the second night but it felt like the twentieth…

I had the whole Friday to discover Warsaw and the difficulties of buying tickets for public transportation (drivers often don’t want to have extra work selling tickets so they just pretend to have none…) before I met my host Kasia for the night who showed me where to party and and the pleasures of Maly Rusk and Ruska Heroina…

Which is also why I started somewhat late on Saturday towards Kaunas. Hitch hiking worked quite well so far so I was optimistic. also its not really far. But one has to account for the state of the highways and as one can not really choose with whom to ride I ended up in a truck whose motor was in an even worse condition than the streets. But the trucker was extremely friendly and we got ahead (slowly)… Shortly before the border he had to stop and make his mandatory nine hours break. Again it was already dark and as he invited me to stay with him I spent my first night in a truck and it was actually fairly comfy!

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