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Biographical summaryback
Frederik has been studying physics, physical peace research, biophysics
and political science at the University of Hamburg since October 2006. Having
nearly completed his studies, he is currently doing a four month internship at
the CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation) in Vienna.

Besides his studies, Frederik has been working for the Carl Friedrich von
Weizsäcker-Centre for Science and Peace Research (ZNF) since October 2007.
He has had the chance to attend the 2008 NPT PrepCom (Non Proliferation
Treaty Preparatory Commission) in Geneva, the United Nations Climate Change
Conference 2009 in Copenhagen and the 8th NPT RevCon (Review Conference)
this year in New York. Additionally, he has organized university seminars which
were simulations of such negotiations (MUN’s – Model United Nations) as well
as excursions to the above mentioned conferences.

Apart from his studies and work, he has also attended the 4th academic
course on Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation in 2008, organised by the
European Safeguards Research and Development Association and recognised
by the European Nuclear Higher Education Network. Furthermore, he attended
the ZNF SCooP (young Scientists Cooperate for Peace) summer academy in
2009 and the 22nd summer symposium of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Frederik is also engaged in BANg (Ban All Nukes generation, a European
youth network), YPHH (Young Pugwash Hamburg) and in the executive board
of FONAS (Forschungsverbund, Naturwissenschaft, Abrüstung und
internationale Sicherheit). His fields of interest are mainly the reasonableness
of nuclear weapons, of weapons in general, nuclear energy, reprocessing and
renewable energies; as well as climate change issues. His special interest is in
the connection between science and policy making and the impact of NGO’s
and civil society’s engagement on official country positions.back

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