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Having had a lot of CS (couchsurfers) staying at my place and telling them about my favourite places in Hamburg I thought out a sightseeing tour. With the help of my CS I developed it further and further and also digitized it so that more people may benefit from it.

A/N My place – where my CS would start. The nearer you get to the Alster the more impressive the mansions get. You can’t do anything wrong walking around the Alster!!
You will cross Sierichstraße, which is a oneway, going in one direction from 4-12 and in the other from 12-4!
B Alsterland park – one of my favorite places in HH!
C Japanese Garden – actually the whole Planten un Blomen and Wallanlagen parks are just awesome (also the Botanic garden with loads of turtles) and the Japanese garden is the icing on the cake ; )
D Kumpir – This tiny restaurant offers baked potatoes, mashed with veggies, sauces, herbs, spices (and meat if you want): fast, cheap and delicious!!!
E Schanze – the student centre of Hamburg, especially Susannenstraße and Schulterblatt (including the ‘Rote Flora’), with lots of cafes, bars, alternative shops (If the weather is good, you might wanna enjoy some ice cream at ‘Eis Schmidt’, Schulterblatt 78!)
F Walking to the Reeperbahn you cross St. Pauli, keeping to the East you can pass the Martktstraße (loads of street art), bunker, football stadium, Hamburger Dom (the famous funfair) and maybe even part of the Wallanlagen.
G Reeperbahn – Good for partying, there are a lot of discotheques and in the side streets (in particular Große Freiheit and Hamburger Berg) bars and south the red light district. Herbertstr is even closed to women…
H Hamburger Michel – protestant church and the landmark of HH
I Alter Elbtunnel, Landungsbrücken- HH has the second biggest port in Europe. At Landungsbrücken there are some ferries (61, 62, 64) which you can even use with your public transportation ticket. If you have the time you may cross the old relatively tiny tunnel, which includes an elevator for cars.
J Speicherstadt – the historic port is a must-do in HH, really nice and there are also a lot of museums and attractions.
And Hafencity – a jump-start new district including the Elbphilharmonie and other impressive new buildings.
K Jungfernstieg – more posh but you can do a lot of shopping (Europapassage) and a nice view on the Binnenalster is granted
L Mönckebergstraße – the main shopping street
M Lange Reihe – nice restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Also rather alternative and famous for its gay scene.
A/N Back home (for my CS ; )
I would say one doesn’t miss much by going back from central station by train.

Whats else to see?

  • Stadtpark in the north-east (actually not far from my place)
  • Gängeviertel (squad with many artists, near U2 Gänsemarkt)
  • Elbstrand Övelgönne (beach) and actually the whole northern bank of the Elb river, especially Blankenese
  • Hamburg has quite a few flea markets, e.g. at Feldstraße
  • Pater Noster in Bezirksamt Eimsbüttel (U3 Hoheluftbrücke)
  • Fischmarkt (fish market), every Sunday morning from 5 to 9:30 am (in the winter 16th Nov. till 14th March from 7 am)
  • Altona which used to be an independent city and therefore has its own centre
  • For sure there is also guided tours, here a tip tour were you decide how many money you want to pay
  • Deichtorhallen and loads of other exhibitions and museums
  • Dialog in the dark – experience how it feels to be blind
  • Botanic garden and Loki Schmidt Haus of the Biocenter Klein Flottbek
  • …you tell me!!

…actually this ended up summarising enough stuff to do for days!! Just in case you still can’t get enough check out the Hamburg group on CouchSurfing.org, especially this post.

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