has travelled Asia!!


It’s not even 150km from Narva to Peter but the bus took a total of three hours to reach Peter downtown. Dozing in the bus I still wasn’t sure where I’m going, especially when a sign said to turn left for Peter but we went straight. Luckily a young Russian recognized me as foreigner and was keen to practice his English. What a relief when I could finally talk to someone who in addition assured me everything was all right. I asked him to call my host and she offered to pick me up from the bus station, even at that late time (11:30 pm). Uff.

Right now I’m enjoying some wonder- and peaceful days in Peter, having even time to write my blog (;   My host is lying in bed besides me, reading a cookbook and choosing a meal I shall prepare later.  In general I prefer spending time with my hosts, cooking, playing cards and board games, drinking, smoking or just chilling.  It’s so interesting to get to know all that people, their different cultures, interests, habits and styles. And I’m even still in Europe… Getting guided tours, going out or exploring the cities is the icing of the cake. And staying with other young people one goes for sure also partying (:

I was really down entering Russia in Narva but know that I will go by Trans Siberian/Mongolian Railway I’m totally exited again. And actually the trains remind me quite a lot of some good times I had in India. Its mainly the same design and also the same heat… While it’s freezing cold the coaches are overheated. And toilets are locked sometimes… the drawbacks of cheap travelling. Also my hosts here are so wonderful and Couchsurfing pretty much worked out perfectly everywhere. At the same time traveling like that is incredible cheap, way cheaper than living in Hamburg!!

Btw, I bought a Russian SIM card yesterday and unlocked my Polish cellphone – a gift from Kasia. So far I got absolute useful little gifts from nearly every host: two mobiles, a reflecting bracelet fot hitching and an old spatula for my camping kitchen. It’s amazing!!
You can reach me at: +79 81 80 26 21 4 and +49 40 22 81 31 27
The second number is forwarded to my iPod and only of use when I have WiFi.

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