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Again I left quite early and from the bus station I had to walk some kilometers to the point where I wanted to start my travel. But a car stopped even before and the guy was not only driving a Renault Laguna but also directly going to Tallinn center, best hike ever!! Ilze had told me I could not enter Russia by hitch-hiking or it would be quite hard respectively, so I nearly booked a bus. But after that hike I was optimistic again (:

Estonia was two degrees colder and I saw my first snow of this winter. In Tallinn I met one of the most interesting and loveable persons ever, my host Ester. She took me together with her other Couchsurfer Matthieu from France. It appeared he was also on his way to the Far East, not hitch hiking but going by Trans Siberian railway, too. And he showed interest in joining me to hitch-hike to Moscow. (He had already a bus ticket to St. Petersburg for the next day.)

Tallinn is a lovely city, especially I do love the city wall and Ester introduced us very well, inter alia doing a pub crawl that night. The next day I helped Ester to move some last things from her old flat and therefore also got to know her family. Also I had the chance to do some washing, so that I could start totally refreshed to Russia the next day.

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