has travelled Asia!!


Thailand – actually I haven’t really been. Most of the time I spent at the beach, only few in Bangkok. But I got a free sightseeing flight though, when our plane crossed the heart of Bangkok (:

But having camped, hitched and couchsurfed I had some very intense experiences and can tell people in Thailand are amazingly friendly and helpful. It’s somewhat different in the very touristy areas but even there it’s still true. Exemple gratia the people I rented my beach chair from were really cute and when I told them I would go to Bangkok they wanted me coming by and saying goodbye the next morning (just before leaving). Then they even gave me a very nice chain which I’m wearing since. Actually the very same day I got another one from my driver – it’s stunning! Also Thailand is cleaner than the countries around, here one can look into the kitchen without worries ^^

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