has travelled Asia!!

Trans Mongolian Railway (p. 2/5)

Leaving Moscow felt as leaving my home, but anyway I was looking forward to Siberia, Baikal and South-East Asia. As the cheapest ticket was second (and not third) class it appeared to be a very comfy travel! We had even a screen in our compartment (although it had no signal). I travelled with a student, a young engineer and another Russian. The latter wouldn’t speak any word English and have a rather serious face – as most Russians do and have. But actually he is a really nice guy anyway! Also I met a young boy, whose English was perfect and we would play Duraka. Its in my opinion even better than Vodka to make friends here. I even played Duraka with people without exchanging any word (which the other one got), its amazing.

The next day (Moscow – Ekatherinburg is a 26 hrs journey) I met some funny guys from Ireland the Netherlands. It was nice to meet some people who would speak even less Russian than me and who appeared to be less prepared. Therefore they did Moscow – Beijing in one tour which means six days in a train without decent meals, shower, missing Baikal and so on. I’m so glad I decided to do it my way!

One of the lads actually missed the train because he had had to much Vodka that evening but then decided (probably also due to the Vodka) to get a taxi to overtake the train and get on at the next stop… and it worked out, crazy! And good luck for me because thanks to the two of them I could easily stay up till 4 am, when I had to get off.

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