has travelled Asia!!

Việt Nam

Vietnam is an impressive country. I instantly fall in love with the lush plants dominating the landscapes! People are very friendly and its cheering to have them smiling and waving at you everywhere you go, even when their willingness to help (and to sell their goods) can easily become too much. Considering them not knowing hitching at all its amazing how many people picked me up for free, me an obviously rich western guy! This last fact has actually a really negative connotation for myself. But travelling different I could never ever have made these experience, really getting to know locals, their habits, homes and food. Actually nearly all my drivers not only gave me lifts for free but also invited me for meals in restaurants besides the road, refusing to take any money from me.

Thank you all so much!!
This travel is really changing my definition of hospitality and how one should/could encounter foreigners in his home country.

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